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What’s so alluring about living in the Carolina region is the fact that the temperate climate affords us a year round opportunity to get out and continually enjoy the outdoor outdoors. 


Even in the coldest part of the winter in the highest part of the mountains the daytime temperatures are comfortable enough to be outside.


This is what makes the Carolinas an ideal place to come to have loads of fun doing your favorite outdoor activities!

Outdoor activities are abundant here mainly because the Carolinas offer a distinctive variety of options that very few States or regions could ever offer.


Whether you live in the Carolinas or just visiting you need to know this…it’s an outdoor lover’s paradise!  


The Carolinas are one of the few places where you can be hiking Appalachian Trail one day and swimming in the warm Atlantic ocean the next…and do it all on one tank of gas!  In between there is a plethora of outdoor fun for everyone to enjoy.


In this section of Carolina One Tank Trips we are going to highlight some of the best outdoor adventures that we can find.  


Remember, as a family we seek out those activities that are family & kid friendly…after all getting out and enjoying nature together form the foundations of many lifelong family memories.


However, we have not forgotten those 

outdoor enthusiasts that do not yet have a family & kids or who might be empty nesters.  These reviews have something for everyone…simply because there is one common thread, submerging ourselves in the countless endeavors that North and South Carolina present.


We have to point out a major point however, in terms of the seasonal aspects of being outdoors. 


Being from Ohio there is one thing we know and understand about being outdoors…don’t plan on it during 2-3 months out of the year. 


Not here though, not in North and South Carolina.


The Carolina Raptor Center is a great place to get out and get educated on these amazing birds of prey!




Outdoor Activites Spotlight 

A Common Thread!

The Carolina Thread Trail links over 2 million people together with one common thread...a love to be outdoors!  The trail offers 199 miles of...

Small Town Charm...Big Fun!

This is one of our "secret places" that we LOVE to visit on those "what to do" lazy days.  Located in Waxhaw, NC this city park features a skate park and...

King Of The Mountain!

Step back in time with this living history plantation set in the beautiful Kings Mountain State Park located in Kings Mountain South Carolina.  We took some friends from Ohio there and...

You May Not Come Home!

This place single handly moved our hearts to want to relocate from Ohio to South Carolina!  If you haven't been to Reedy Park in Greenville, SC you are...

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Outdoor Activities For Family & Kids

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