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 video and pictures that are focused 
on the real definition of off the beatin path…that is discovery of lessor known, and mostly lessor marketed, things to do in the Carolinas.


Our desire is to be off the beatin path Carolina resource for your lifetime whether you visit the Carolinas occasionally or you are a resident where you can always find something fun and interesting to discover! 


In the meantime we hope to see you out visiting one of these amazing off the beatin’ path destinations in Carolina!

Ready To Discover Hidden Treasures?

Off The Beatin Path Carolina is all about discovery! 


The Carolinas offer so many obvious things to do and attractions to experience.  Year after year millions of travelers flood this region as their preferred destination. 


While most travelers flock to the pristine coastline and family friendly beaches or head to the high country to enjoy the highest peaks east of the Mississippi…most have no idea of the hidden treasures that await them when they get off the beatin’ path.


The best part about all the off the beatin path gems we have uncovered is that they are as diverse as the landscape of Carolina itself.  


Whether you are one that prefers the un-crowded, inviting travel experience or you crave the active outdoor journey that many know about, yet remains for the most part lessor known…it’s all here.


One thing, like all pages on this site, we promise you is that we will not just put 

a bunch of links up and say “here you go, we’ve read about these” or “we needed some filler and found these listed in some hotel lobby”….that’s not going to happen.


Why?  Simple…we LIVE off the beatin path kind of lives. We ourselves are driven from our core to seek out, locate and explore every off the beatin path nook and cranny that the Carolina region has to offer.  This is literally a lifetime endeavor on just North and South Carolina.


We will go ahead of you and “kick the tires” if you will.  We will give you and honest report, based on our rating system, and tell you if it’s worth the tank of gas to get there.  


Here you will find destination reviews, including

Glencairn Gardens

Recent Off The Beatin Path Discover


Do you know of a great off the beatin path treasure that we should know about? Please share it here: off the beatin path suggestion

Off The Beatin Path Spotlight

Off The Beatin Path Quick List

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Off The Beatin Path Carolina

Bluecheese & Trains!

What does blue cheese have to do with trains you ask?  This combination can be found in this abandoned mountain tunnel of what was to be a Charleston to Cincinnati railroad.  A must...

A Falls Of Fun!

What do you get when you combine a love story, Native American History and a scenic waterfall?  Issaqueena Falls!  We stumbled on this gem while camping and...

The Artistic Barista!

So, we went to visit a State Park in NC that was closed from a storm.  What to do next? We started cruising and then BAM...we found this amazing coffee shop/art studio.

The Town Aluminum Built! need to do this one day!  Do what? Take a day and drive to Badin, NC.  That's right, his sleepy little town was a smelting paradise for Alcoa, but now...

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