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Carolina Restaurants &Food Destinations

Although, we do take into account that many visitors to our site will be at various stages of life and we try to keep that in mind as we review.


One last thing to note…if you have an experience and would like to share your review with us (even if the restaurant is not listed on our site) please do share with us. 


This is about a community sharing ideas with each other so that we all can Enjoy The Carolinas together! 


Looking forward to seeing you out on the road…perhaps we can share a meal one day at one of these fine Carolina Restaurants!



Carolina Food Reviews

All one tank trips have one thing in common…Carolina Restaurants and Food destinations! 


After all, lifes most enjoyable moments usually are centered on sharing an experience with great people and food. 


Sometimes the food doesn’t even need to be that good…a hot dog off the grill with some good company can create a memory so precious that every hot dog there after takes you back to that space and time.


Fortunately for us, the Carolina Food scene is spectacular and offers a wide range of eating options. 


This section of Carolina One Tank Trips is focused on Carolina Restaurants that we eat at while exploring the Tar Heel and Palmetto States.  


We will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly!  


What you will find reviews on the restaurants that we recommend visiting…each will have a rank like all other destinations. 


One thing to note is the fact that we do not pretend to have the palette and expertise of Chef Ramsey or Bobby Flay, 

we are just sharing from our perspective what the average person can expect while out exploring the Carolina Restaurant scene.

What we will not post are reviews on places that should be altogether avoided!  We will simply put them under a list of “Avoid At All Costs”. 


 If you see a Carolina Food provider on this list they deserve and you won’t want to waste your time.


Again, we are not looking for Michelin Star type quality here…just a nice experience, clean environment, great service and fresh well cooked meals for a price to fit most family budgets.


Which leads to another point about the viewpoint from which we are writing, and that is we are a family and our world currently revolves around finding an environment and menu that fits the bill for us as adults and parents for one for a 5 year old.  

The Core Of Life! 

So much of life; the fondest memories; richest experiences; most intimate moments take place around a meal!  Every Carolina Destination carries with it the expectation of finding and enjoying local cuisine...we're on a mission to find them.

Featured Destinations: Diners, Cafe's & Local One Of A Kind Tastes Of The South!

A Common Thread!

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Small Town Charm...Big Fun!

This is one of our "secret places" that we LOVE to visit on those "what to do" lazy days.  Located in Waxhaw, NC this city park features a skate park and...

King Of The Mountain!

Step back in time with this living history plantation set in the beautiful Kings Mountain State Park located in Kings Mountain South Carolina.  We took some friends from Ohio there and...

You May Not Come Home!

This place single handly moved our hearts to want to relocate from Ohio to South Carolina!  If you haven't been to Reedy Park in Greenville, SC you are...

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