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Best Hiking Trails In The Carolinas

There is a daily fee to hike (or you can buy an annual pass), but believe us it is well worth the price of admission.

Either way, free or pay to access, you can be sure of you will not be disappointed if you find it on One Tank Trips.


If you like to hike and live in or are visiting North or South Carolina, you should bookmark Carolina One Tank Trips


This should be a site you come back to often as we all discover and enjoy the best hiking trails in the Carolinas together!



So Many Options!

Defining the best hiking trails in the Carolinas is a very subjective. 


This will be the case as we seek out the vast array of hiking and walking trails throughout North and South Carolina.

The one defining character of hiking in the Carolinas is the variety of trails you will come across. 


One day you will find yourself walking a scenic mountain trail in the Boone, NC region and within a two hour drive you can be gazing at a majestic waterfall from the plethora of walking and hiking trails in Oconee County South Carolina.


No matter your preference you are guaranteed a great selection of beautiful hiking trails throughout the Carolinas.  


With each review we will list what other amenities are local to the trail and if possible we will provide you with trail maps to download and print, or to have on your phone to navigate.  

Most of the trails we will review will be free to hike as Carolina One Tank Trips is about finding the best hiking trails in the Carolinas while being light and easy on the family budget. 


However, there are some places that will require a fee to access the walking or hiking trail and if you find them on here that means they are worth paying the price to access. 


One that comes to mind is the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This is a 2300 Acre Greenway that is owned by the Springs (Springs Industries) family and has been put into a 100 year land trust.  

Issaqueena Falls Hiking Trail - Oconee County South Carolina



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