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Live in or visiting the Carolinas'? Looking for FREE Carolina getaway ideas and fun things to do?  Tourism activities & attractions in North and South Carolina are vast and vary.  


From cheap, kid friendly family vacations, to adventure trips for the soloist the Carolina's have it all.


If you are looking for a Carolina guide that will provide you with FREE reviews, recommendations and in depth info on the best NC/SC attractions... Look no further!


Carolina One Tank Trips is the place to discover where to enjoy the Carolina’s one tank at a time.


Find Carolina Destinations, free reviews, recommendations, budget estimates on unique must see getaways & attractions.


Discover free Carolina getaway ideas & family friendly fun things to do...kid’s activities and so much more.









































Being new and being explorers by heart we wanted to see and experience all the Carolinas' have to offer.


And we can tell you...the Carolinas' offer ALOT!!


On one end of the Carolinas' there is the Atlantic ocean, with ample supply of fabulous blue sea tossing against nebulous islands and shores of impressive dunes.


A Unique Perspective!

Carolina One Tank Trips is not your average destination review site. 


This site is about a unique perspective...from our eyes and the eyes of anyone who journey's with us.


The concept, like most new things was birthed out of necessity.  


Our family relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2008 and like many others who have gone before us, we didn't know very many people. 

On the other end the mountains of the Great Smokey, Blue Ridge and Appalachian.


From the pinnacle there is expansive, lush and towering, misty and silent, charming and inviting peaks, covered in a blueish cloud that calls you to explore.


These are some of the oldest mountains on planet earth...much older than the Himalayas or even the Swiss Alps.  


An absolute treasure to have in our backyard.


In between all of this we find an abounding number of getaway ideas, fun things to do, and tourism activities attractions that will satisfy everyone...including the kids!

But Where To Start?

And that leads us to Carolina One Tank Trips.  This destination review blog is different because its our story...with a twist.

We are inviting you into our journey of exploration and seek out and enjoy the Carolinas' one tank of gas at a time!  


What we are looking for can be summed up like this:


  • Find Attractions, Activities and Fun Things To Do in North & South Carolina...and share it with others!

  • Visit, research and burrow into the area and dig up the unique features, hidden gems & shine light from a different angle to see something new.

  • Get Off The Beatin' Path...go where most won' that more will!

  • Find friends & travel companions along the way.

  • Help Families get out of the "technology" crunch and get out together to appreciate and delight in their relationships.

  • Provide you with FREE Carolina Getaway Ideas, Fun Things To Do and pull together the best Tourism Activities and Attractions into one place.

  • To Enjoy The Carolinas' One Tank At A Time! ​

A Blog Is Born!

We invite to take this journey with us as we set out to discover Free Carolina Getaway Ideas, Fun Things To Do, Tourism Activities & Attractions with the ones you love.


Keep up with all the adventure by signing up today to be the first to receive our latest postings, insider tips...and special rewards or discounts.  


Your information is safe with us and will only be used to send you our E-Newsletter "Off The Beatin' Path".


We look forward to seeing you out on the road enjoying the Carolinas' one tank at a time!


FREE Carolina Getaway Ideas, Fun Things To Do, Tourism Activities 

Will You Join Us In Our Discovery?

That was the questioned we asked ourselves.  


Where do we go? When we moved we just had our first son and he was 9 weeks old when we arrived.


Our initial process of discovering the Carolina's was wrapped up in things we could do as a family that we, as adults, would find fun, interesting and unique while enjoying our time with our new addition.


As our son has grown up, we've sought out new adventures that have taken us from Coastal gems like Charleston, SC to the Ski Slopes of Boone, NC.  


And with the recent economics of the US we have had to learn to find discounts, cheap family activities and even FREE fun things to do...and believe us there are a bountiful supply of fun, cheap family activities to discover in North and South Carolina.


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Free Carolina Getaway Ideas, Fun Things To Do,
Tourism Activities & Attractions
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