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MOUNTAIN GUIDE MINISTRIES is a media outreach for Mountain Guide Ministries




"Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life.” Proverbs 4:23 (CEV).



We believe that whatever we value will be reflected in what we do…our behavior. Our behavior reveals our motivations and belief system, as all our actions (behaviors) stem out of our attitudes.



Mountain Guide Ministries is built upon the foundation of our theology (how we think about God) upon which our values (the kinds of ideas and attitudes that we feel are important) are built.  


Values concern what this site will look like and reflect.

Values concern the content and investment in others lives, the ethos.It is possible for “Christians” to believe exactly the same doctrine, but to feel very different due to the differing value systems of the individuals.  Below is a list of Mountain Guide Ministry Values.



  • We value CHRIST-CENTEREDNESS. We desire Jesus - His person, His love, His mercy and His power to shine through all we do.


  • We value being SPIRIT-LED. We believe Jesus is our Head, and the Holy Spirit our Counselor. We seek to be responsive to the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.


  • We value PRAYER. We seek genuine intimacy with God the Father and growth in our communion with Him.


  • We value HONOR.  We seek to honor our Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit by honoring those around us who we serve, serve under and who serve us.


  • We value LOVE.  We believe and live to "be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect" in how we love without predjudice or favortism.


  • We value AUTHENTICITY.  We seek to conform to the image of Jesus Christ, acting as His agent in a manner that is worthy of trust, reliance, and belief. To be genuine.


  • We value  TRANSPARENCY.  We seek to transmit the Light of Jesus in a manner that is easily seen, adherent to Truth, without guile, clear, without earthly motives, in a candid manner.


  • We value HOLINESS.  We seek to be transformed by the Holy Spirit into the likeness of Jesus Christ and to set ourselves apart in worship, service, and devotion to Him and His Kingdom.  We seek to revere His word and take serious His commission.


  • We value INTEGRITY. We seek completely truthful, consistent, and open relationships with God, with others and with ourselves.


  • We value EXCELLENCE. We desire to do all to the Glory of God, which requires our very best.


  • We value SIMPLICITY. We want every expression of ours whether speech, music, architecture, or manner-to be non-hyped, natural and reality-based.


  • We value being CULTURALLY RELEVANT. We want to use music, terminology and outreach methods that are in touch with the needs of our community.


  • We value LEADERSHIP. We approach leadership as a team effort and desire to equip every member to influence those around them for Christ.


  • We value GENEROSITY. We are committed to freely give away all that we have freely received from God.


  • We value RELATIONSHIPS.  We seek to make the Father smile by having a deep, committed, and intimate relationship with Him, His Son, and His Holy Spirit within a community who share this vision.  Following Jesus is done in context of relationships, not in isolation.


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