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These Free Bible Studies represent a compilation of works from various church's, ministries, and bible teachers throughout the world.  We believe it is essential for all followers of Jesus Christ to read, meditate and know the word of God.


Otherwise, the Christian walk will be powerless, tiresome and perilous.  Knowing the word (which is really knowing Jesus the living Word), writing it on your heart, is when you receive the power or juice to walk it out on a daily basis to the fullness God intended for you.   

These FREE bibles studies can be used by individuals, home groups, couples, or congregations.  We have acknowledged the sources and authors for each of the free bible studies and ask that you consider visiting their sites for more information and background on the study.

What Is The Fruit Of The Spirit?

In this Free Bible Study learn how to live beyond yourself and transform your life through the Fruit of the Spirit. How do you live an exceptional life now? God has given us the means to live a powerful, fulfilling, rewarding and effective life now.

This study covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to the gifts of the Spirit

  • Prophecy

  • Supernatural Insight: Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment

  • What To Do With Tongues?

  • Supernatural Power: Faith, Healings, Miracles

  • Gifts of Service: The Hands Of God




  • The Fruit (Gifts) Of The Spirit Bible Study

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The Morning Brew is our Morning Video Devotional/Bible Study to help you get your day started right with an encouraging word and prayer!  

Bible Study What Are Spiritual Gifts & Fruit?

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