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It's Time To Transform Your Life!

Mountain Guide Ministries Transformation Academy is centered on transformational discipleship.  The bible studies and devotionals are designed to help you personally draw closer to God.  We help you be the best you God purposed you to be!  We are not preparing you for ministry...we prepare you for living the life God has ordained for you to its fullest!


There is nothing more sacred than finding and fulfilling the call of God on your life. God has a plan for you.  It’s one thing to find the call of salvation; it’s completely different fully living it out!

We call it “divine discontentment”, where you miss the purpose of your life after salvation … thus missing the most important part of your journey.  A life that “believes” in God without a real transformational experience is often absent of the promises of God.  Your life can be different!  Live a meaningful and satisfying life now.  Our bible studies offer revelation to help you. They’re not “secrets”, they are just overlooked and greatly misunderstood essentials for Christian living.


A Barna Group study suggests nearly 80% of Christians get “stuck” in their walk and only 10% actually experience the fullness of their salvation in their lifetimes!  Transformation Academy will help you to live in the realm the 10% have discovered.  This is worth going after and the only thing that satisfies!

Everything you need to discover and live a life of overflow and freedom that will help you

uncover your passions,find your lane and experience real and lasting peace, joy and provision! 

David & Dale Cross

Mountain Guide

Transformational Discipleship Mentors

Are You Leaking?

We are made up of 3 parts: Body, Soul, Spirit.  Our body is designed to be a "container" of something...our Spirit Man and Soul (mind, will & emotions).


The Bible says in John 7:38 that "out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."  Holy Spirit is in us and wants to flow out of us!  But many of us are LEAKING instead of OVERFLOWING!! 

Like a Bucket is meant to hold water, we too should fully hold what Holy Spirit flows from within us...but we should be so free that we OVERFLOW so that everywhere we go we can be used by God as a change agent.


We help you:


  1. Identify Your Holes

  2. Diagnose The Cause

  3. Give You A Process To Plug The Hole

  4. Walk With You To Overflow

  5. Help You Discover Your Call & Purpose From This Place Of Wholeness

Schedule A FREE


Contact us now to schedule a FREE Life Coaching Consultation.  


During this time we will both DISCOVER our compatibility and how Mountain Guide Consulting can help you TRANSFORM your life and walk fully in your call and reach a life of OVERFLOW!  


We look forward to walking with you on your journey to FREEDOM!

Designed For Overflow
Designed For Overflow

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Getting Free
Getting Free

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Find Your Lane
Find Your Lane

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Designed For Overflow
Designed For Overflow

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