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On this page you will find all the "Healing and Prophetic Ministry" Links that we, here at, follow on a regular basis.


We bring into one location a diverse list of teachers and ministries from around the world.  Many offer free christian discipleship resources, bible studies, christian videos, and bible teachers...24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Please let us know if you have any suggestions on any links that you think we should add.  We Link...You Discern!

Prophetic Healing Ministries

Extreme Prophetic –

Todd White -

Jason Westerfield –

Cindy Jacobs –

Sid Roth –

Derek Prince –

Refuge Ranch (Deliverance Ministry)–

Kenneth Hagin –

Jack Van Impe –

God TV –

Paul McGuire –

Hilton Sutton –

Grant Jeffrey –

Prophecy In The News –

Ryan Wyatt –

Smith Wigglesworth –

Heidi Baker – (missionary)

Katie Souza –

Rick Joyner –

John Paul Jackson –

Perfected Love Ministries

Apostolic & Teaching Ministries

Andrew Wommack – 

Lance Wallnau –

Perry Stone –

Joyce Meyer –

John & Lisa Bevere –

Larry Randolph –

Kris Vallotton –

Jeff Jansen –

John Arnott –

Bill Johnson –

John Ankerberg –

Amazing Christian Network -

John Piper - 

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